Partnership Opportunity to Acquire up to $15M of Assets for $4M

  • Rare and exclusive opportunity to acquire the assets of well-established Window & Door business in
  • The business comprises of 6 companies which are currently in CCAA, presenting a unique opportunity to
    partner to purchase assets valued at approximately $15 million at a significantly reduced price of $4
    million with equity rollover possibility.
  • Business generated approximately $60 million in revenue in FY 2022 and FY 2021.
  • Of the six companies, four will continue to be fully operational entities after the acquisition. There is also
    an option to continue the other two companies as they have strong brand presence.
  • The four operational companies have a projected annual revenue for $45-50mn and EBITDA of $3.5mn.
  • Business has a significant market presence in Canada, with 10% of revenue coming from export to the
    United States.
  • Business is equipped with proprietary systems and technology, enhancing their competitive edge in the
  • The business currently maintains a workforce of 305 individuals, alongside a well-established
    management team.
  • An impressive 95% of customers have already confirmed their support for the business post-acquisition,
    providing a solid foundation for continued growth.
  • Some of the current owners are keen to retain ownership and continue their involvement in the
  • This is a time-sensitive opportunity and the potential partner should be able to complete the transaction by 29-Sept-2023.