Electrical Contracting Business: Secured Sales for Next 5 Years

Business Overview

  • Established Legacy: With over 25 years in the industry, this business boasts a strong legacy and widespread respect
  • Diverse Operations: One of the top Industrial Electrical Contractor in the region, the company collaborates with General Contractors, Municipalities, and Developers
  • Sales Security: ≈$98 million of sales secured until 2028; as of September 2023

Deal Highlights

  • Inclusive Assets: Purchase price includes Inventory, Equipment and Vehicles valued approximately at $2 million
  • Flexible Financing: Limited seller financing available for qualified buyer(s)

Financial Snapshot 

  • Robust Revenue: Revenue for 2023 is approximately $21 million and is projected to be $30 million by next year
  • Strong Earnings: Following the impact of Covid on the business, the Owners Discretionary Earnings for 2023 stand at approximately $1.1 million.  As per the seller, projected owner discretionary earnings is expected to be $3 million next year

Human Resources

  • Skilled workforce: Currently employing a large full-time workforce, the business maintains a diverse and skilled team that boasts a wealth of collective experience
  • Owner Roles: Owner(s) are currently responsible for Purchasing, Estimation, Finance, and Project Consulting

Competitive Strengths

  • Organic Growth: Thriving on reputation, the business has flourished with minimal marketing, providing ample growth opportunities for the new owner
  • Accredited & Licensed: Fully accredited and licensed, including IHSA COR adherence to health and safety standards

Transition & Future

  • Smooth Handover: Current owner(s) willing to stay for a reasonable period to ensure a seamless transition
  • Retirement Ready: An ideal opportunity for those seeking a successful enterprise, as the current owner(s) prepare for retirement