Semi-Absentee – Pool and Spa Business for Sale in BC

Established Pool and Spa Business: A reputable pool and spa business with a longstanding presence in the industry since 2004, known for its commitment to reliability and delivering high-quality services

Diverse Product Inventory: Boasts an extensive and varied inventory of pool and spa equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, chemicals, and accessories, with an approximate value of  total assets amounting to 905K. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients seeking top-notch pool and spa solutions

Experienced Workforce: A team of 18 skilled and experienced professionals with a profound understanding of pool and spa operations, maintenance, and customer service

Financial Overview : Average revenue for the past four years stands at approximately 3.2 million. The revenue for the year 2023 reached 4.1 mil.  Projections for the year 2024 indicate revenue estimates ranging from 4.5-4.8 mil. Average SDE for last 4 years is 666K

Products & Services Offered: Business specializes in new pool construction, comprehensive pool services, routine maintenance, retail offerings including pool and spa equipment, and a dedicated construction department for specialized projects and enhancements. Business is a one stop shop for all pool and spa needs

Training and Transition: Willingness to provide training and support during the transition period to help the new owner successfully take over the business

Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to all industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring a strong reputation for compliance and ethical business practices

Semi-Absentee Run Business – This model allows the owner flexibility as daily operations are managed by dedicated employees, minimizing the need for constant on-site presence