How can you increase the value and sell your HVAC business?

You are perhaps reading this blog because you have done a great amount of hard work to build your HVAC business and are proud of your achievements. HVAC is one amongst the highly desirable businesses on the market in the construction industry. There is a common saying that “every business will sell someday, either you […]

Should working capital be included in business sale?

Business sales that are concluded too quickly or without the proper considerations of an experienced team can have a lot of important factors to look at the last minute. Working capital is one such key factor that is often not considered significantly enough when a business sale is in process. In this article, we want […]

Questions to Ask the Business Seller Before Closing a Deal

Being a business owner is a big achievement and brings many entrepreneurs a sense of accomplishment. However, wanting to be a business owner does not always equate to wanting to start your own business from scratch. The uncertainties attached to starting a business from scratch do not always appeal to entrepreneurs. Instead, many business entrepreneurs […]

Eight Ways to Buy, Grow and Sell Roofing Business

The construction industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and you can see hundreds of new companies cropping up every year, as well as many mergers and acquisitions taking place. Be it HVAC businesses, plumbing businesses, general contractors, or roofing businesses, they all need to continue to evolve and grow to […]

How to Buy a Failing Business and Make It Successful?

Introduction Buying and operating a business can be fairly rewarding but can be very risky as well, if you don’t do it right. As at N3 Business Advisors, we work primarily with Construction Companies, perhaps we can talk about the some of the experiences our past clients have had with buying, selling and turning around […]

How to Grow and Sell a Plumbing Business: Best Model & Structure

The construction industry is constantly growing and changing. With the competitive nature of the market and low barriers to entry, hundreds of new plumbing, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, or general contractor businesses are cropping up. There are also several mergers and acquisitions taking place every year in different areas and regions within Ontario and across Canada. […]

What to Look for in Potential Buyers, when you want to sell a Construction Company?

Introduction Selling a Construction company can be a tricky business. Many risks are involved, and getting ahead in such a competitive market can be challenging. But if you’re looking to sell your construction company, instead of going out on your own, consider building a team of advisors lawyer, accountant, business appraiser, business broker, merger and […]

Should you go for a VTB or an earnout when selling or buying a construction business?

With the competitive nature of the construction industry and relatively low barriers to entry, there are always several new businesses cropping up in the industry and several mergers and acquisitions taking place. After all, mergers and acquisitions are one of the top ways for construction businesses to grow and expand. However, many problems can arise […]

How do you sell a Business? Why do deals fall apart?

Mergers and acquisitions are very common in most industries, especially so in the construction industry. With hundreds of new companies cropping up every year and even more sales being made, you can expect to see a number of successful mergers and acquisitions take place between construction companies. However, not everything goes as planned during mergers […]