Factors to Consider When Selecting a Construction Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor in Canada

Whether you are wondering how to sell my construction business or buy one, it is advisable to work with a construction business advisor for a speedy and stress-free process. Although there are numerous Mergers and Acquisitions advisors in Ontario, Canada, finding the right M&A advisor can be challenging. Your goal should be to search for a construction business consultant that is right for you and your specific business. At N3 Business Advisors, we don’t sell just any business, we are dedicated exclusively to working with companies in the Construction sector.

Here are the factors you should consider when narrowing down your options and making your selection.

Factor#1—Area of Specialization

Generalist M&A advisors are easy to find. However, it is best to work with someone who specializes in buying and selling construction businesses. Every business has its own unique challenges and advantages that only an advisor who understands the industry inside out can identify. Such a consultant will be well-versed and know how to structure deals in specific markets and asset classes getting you a good offer and bring motivated and potential buyers to the table who can synergistically add value to the target business.

Factor#2—What is Their Work Approach?

Before you choose an advisor, you must first learn about their work approach. The last thing that you want is to work with a business advisor who is only focused on earning their fee rather than facilitating the whole transaction holistically and getting you a good price for your construction company for sale.

During an initial consultation, ask them about their work approach. Select a business advisor that follows a customer-focused approach and is genuinely focused on serving you as a client and building a trust-based partnership.

Opt for a M&A advisor that wants to learn about your business, why you want to sell, and your goals. Remember that this information is crucial if the advisor wants to better position your business to the market and find you the right prospects to get you the best value. Remember when selling a business price is only one component of the entire transaction, there are many other pieces of puzzle that needs to be taken care of.

Factor#3—Ready to Go the Extra Mile

Always work with a construction business advisor who is ready to go above and beyond to serve you. After spending years of hard work, time, money, and energy on building your business, you want to make sure you get the best price for the business and the business sale transaction is done on the best terms possible when you are ready to sell. Thus, you want to make sure that the advisor working with you understands your journey and helps you sell your construction business smoothly, efficiently, and at a price you deserve.

Therefore, when selecting a construction M&A advisor in Ontario or anywhere globally, look for a company that takes the stress away from the selling or buying process. After all, when selling a business, you should be focused on operating the business most efficiently versus managing the intricacies of the business sale or purchase transaction. The last thing you want is the business to slack and the potential buyers to start losing their interest in your business. Choose an advisor who will take care of your business needs, like your business’s valuation, equipment, buyer screening, letter of intents, managing the auction process and everything in between.

At N3 Business Advisors, we take pride in being the top choice among clients looking to sell or buy a construction business. Our typical client has a business revenue between 500K up to 20M and operates a business in the construction industry in Canada, be it a HVAC company, Landscaping business, roofing contractor, electrical contractor, building or construction supplies business or anything in between. We are a client-focused M&A advisors with our head office based in Mississauga, Ontario. We help clients from start to finish, making the entire process fast and smooth.

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