Electronics Manufacturing & Automation Company in Québec

Business Overview

  • Innovative and Established: A leading provider of electrical and electronic systems, specializing in complex automation projects and custom enclosures since 1970s
  • Diverse Operational Footprint: Operations extending across Ontario, Quebec, and international outreach, including a presence in Dubai, UAE.

Financial Highlights

  • Robust Financial Performance: Demonstrated a strong financial trajectory with a revenue $2.6M in 2023 and forecast of $5.1M in 2024.
  • Impressive Asset Value: The business boasts an approximate liquidation value of $1.1M in equipment and machinery.

Human Resources

  • Skilled and Committed Workforce: Employs a dedicated team of 28 employees, with a blend of full-time and part-time staff, including key positions like Business Development Director and Production Director.
  • Experienced Leadership: The company benefits from experienced management, capable of driving business growth and maintaining high operational standards.

Client Portfolio

  • Diverse Clientele: Serves a broad customer base with over 50 clients, ensuring a balanced market concentration.
  • Recurring Revenue Strength: Approximately 30% of annual sales are from recurring revenue, highlighting stable and predictable income streams.

Unique Selling Proposition and Growth Potential

  • Niche Market Leadership: Strong presence in the automation and electronics sectors with unique, competition-free products catering to both domestic and international markets.
  • Growth Opportunities: Significant potential for expansion in the municipal and pharmaceutical automation sectors, as well as the electrical and railway electronics markets in Ontario.

Seller’s Motivation and Future Prospects

  • Strategic Sale for Growth: The current owners are considering selling to bring in new partners for achieving ambitious growth objectives, especially in the Ontario electrical and railway electronics sectors.
  • Prepared for Transition: The owners are committed to a smooth handover, ensuring the continued success and growth of the business.